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Nadi astrology is originated and mainly practiced in Tamilnadu and other parts of south India.

It is believed that the past, present and future lives of human and other forecasts related to medicine and nature were foreseen by sages in ancient times and those foreseen were written in VETTELUTTU(Palm leaves) by the best siddha/Rishi among the 18 siddhas and he is called Agastya who had a highly developed conscious.

These ancient texts and records were made famous by readers around the vaitheeswaran temple in Tamilnadu.

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The one who wants the predictions needs to give their thumb impression, Right Thumb for men and left thumb for women ; with which the Nadi palm leaves are located after examining and relating the given thumb impression. After finding the correct Nadi Palm leaves, the leader gives prediction and that includes past, present and future with remedies


Ink your thumb

Put it in a white paper

Scan or photo shoot white paper

Email or WhatsApp the image


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