1st chapter

Chapter 1

The introduction or the general chapter which gives the brief details of the self, the beginning, self-esteem, income, possessions, communications, siblings, home, mother, creativity, self-expression, health and services, routines, relationships, business associations, marriage, mysteries, transformations, inheritance,  higher mind, expansion, teachers, authority, father, profits and endings

Chapter 2

Natural ability, character, eye,  Education, money earned, wealth, family , speech, lucky gems, possessions, abilities, needs and want, values of material or spiritual type, our  own esteem.

2nd chapter family-730320_960_720
3rd chaptersiblings2

Chapter 3

Siblings, love and affection, help, and assistance, courage and victory, communication, intellectual development, relatives, friends and neighbor

Chapter 4

Home,  Inwards,  Mother, agriculture, home, lands well and water resources, property, plot, machinery, vehicles, cattle, our attitude towards home and family

4th chapter property
5th chapter children

Chapter 5

Children and their future, ancestral property, luck, birth of children, our expression, pleasure, fun.

Chapter 6

Debt, diseases, enemy, court cases and litigations Imprisonment, theft /losses, developing skills, strength, health,  strength and life energy, subordinates.

6th house enimies
7th chaptermarriage

Chapter 7

Supportive partnerships, Marriage, longevity and spouse, secrete love, timings of marriage, love marriage, details of bride /groom, close and friendly contacts, attitude towards partners

Chapter 8

Life span, longevity, accidents, dangers through weapons and other dangers, basic human instincts, occult and mysterious things, material loss, loss of physical body

8th chapter longevity
9th chapter mantra deeksha

Chapter 9

Father’s wealth, pilgrimage, fortune, guru dheeksh, teacher’s blessings, religious and charity deeds, chatra or temple renovation, moral and ethical values, philosophy and distant travels, religion and spiritual issues, about learning other cultures, developing our own point of view.

Chapter 10

Job, business, trade, profession, carrier, changes or relocation from birth place, our role models, occupation, developing our individuality, social role.

10th house job and business
11th chapterprofit

Chapter 11

Profit, remarriage and heavy vehicles, friends, mentors, social network, allies and loke minded

Chapter 12

Expenditure, foreign visits / stay, future birth / life, moksha, Mukti, loss, politics, closing ourselves, inner peace and centering, spiritual retreats.

12th chaper expenditure
guru deeksha

Chapter 13

The chapter gives complete details of previous birth, Sins committed, Possible huddles, Calamities, Loss happened, Loss to be happened.

Remedies to eradicate such huddles of past life/previous and sins and causes

Chapter 14

This chapter gives in-depth details of Mantra Deeksha, Godly Mantra poojas to be performed, Guru mantras, Talismans, Vasya\attraction, Education, Profession, Debt, Health, Litigation, Childlessness, Witch Craft and Castling’s of causes. Remedies are predicted and given. Helps for relief and peace that gives auspiciousness.

past birth

Siva Prasannam

Siva Prasannam is an instant solution obtained from our guruji through Palm (Nadi) Leaves. It is a brief form of prediction given by our ancient Rishi’s and Sidhar’s. Solutions would be provided by our Guruji after offering a deep prayer to the Sidhar or Rishi and then reads out the answers to your questions that are based on the script written by the Rishi’s and Sidhar’s thousands of years ago.

Seeker is allowed to have eight (8) queries per consultation.

The one who gets the general reading from the guruji can avail this Siva Prasannam service. So before availing this service, you are requested to get your general chapter readings done by guruji, only then You could avail this service.

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