This year is good for you in the areas of work, relationships & partnerships and major life decisions for you. Confidence, energy & the willingness to put in long hours would be depleted. This simultaneous push & pull could create much pressures and confusion for you. Possibility of error of judgment and wrong decisions is also possible. You might find somebody on the horizon for a relationship. This could bring in its share of complications and distractions in life. You would struggle to find time to complete your work, keep up with family & relationships as well as move forward with the opportunities that come to you. Despite the pressures, you would pull off all these things and make some substantial gains towards the end of the year. You should get used to getting the good counsel of people you trust or seek second opinions. Remaining conscious about your sole decisions would help you this year.

Note: All the predictions are based on MOON sign. For more personalized in-depth readings avail our paid services or contact guruji and team at or fill the form.

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